[Mental Well-being]

This is a Magic Mountain Creative well-being and confidence building project in partnership with Working Minds UK and the Samantha Maritza Trust.  


One of the many benefits of this project is that it can be successfully delivered to children from both Primary and Secondary education.

The project is all based around song writing and recording an original song. The process is designed to reinforce a positive mindset, build confidence and encourage social skills, all whilst giving the students the chance to be as creative as possible throughout each stage of the project.  These fun and engaging workshops are led by industry professionals with many years of teaching experience with this particular age group and can cater for children of all abilities. 

Six in the Mix is aimed at young individuals at a time when they not only need skills and understanding to adapt to the ever increasing pace of change and challenges but also when they are most receptive at these age groups to new ideas and ways to learn creatively.  


Year 5 students: Sometimes children can find the idea of Primary School coming to an end daunting.  By introducing ‘Six in the Mix’ during year 5, we are able to address some of those concerns through our song writing process and encourage them to see things more positively.


Year 6 students:  This project can be run as part of transition days or can serve as a great enrichment activity to link together the time between SATS and the transition days the High Schools may have already planned. This can be run from the Primary School, or alternatively at the High School to offer a softer approach into this new environment; this would be particularly beneficial to any children who are anxious about the transition process.


Year 7+ students: Not all students find the transition easy and can take time to feel comfortable and secure in their new learning environment.  Often friendship groups can change and some children may find it hard to make new ones.  Our project can work particularly well with helping to engage these students through small sized group work and develop a greater level of autonomous learning.

BOOK TODAY - Let's move on with music!

Creative learning embeds information at a deeper understanding than routine active teaching and this has been proven with the use of metaphors ( Hans Christian Anderson stories just one example) and I feel this project replicates this in so many ways.

With Magic Mountain’s creativity and our professional involvement I am confident we can help support young children at one of the most important times of their lives.


Our family set up a trust fund to raise awareness of mental health issues to try to promote understanding whilst breaking down the stigmas that surround mental health. Supporting a project like this means we can help more young people when they are most vulnerable through a creative outlet.

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“We are really excited for our primary schools to be a part of this amazing confidence building transition project!”

- Mr Newton 

Assistant Principal 



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