WHY are our workshops effective?

Isn’t it clever that we are able to remember song lyrics from years ago, even a song we sang as a child? I’m sure we can all agree that trying to remember lyrics and information without a melody or pattern is much more challenging then recalling lyrics within a song. By putting complex words and facts into song we are able to support knowledge retention through mnemonic devices using catchy rhymes, patterns and timing. This way of learning is highly beneficial to children as they move through their curriculum and of course could also reduce the teacher’s workload too.


A simple but effective setup to capture the creativity at your school, by bringing together everything you would expect from a professional recording studio to record vocals, effects and instruments.


PopTopics is our song writing and recording workshop. Here your students can write and record their very own topic-based pop songs using our travelling recording studio. Here we will explore the topics you are working on within your classroom and turn their learning into a catchy song giving them an education to remember. Alternatively, you can professionally record one of our original topic songs to use in class.

Green Screen

Using one of the selected PopTopic songs (watch our Stone Age video for more!) your children can immerse themselves in their education and create their own versions using our expertise to help them. Using simple handmade props that your class can create, let us transport you and your work into your own world of learning. Message us to receive more information on what you can expect from this Magic Mountain experience.

Six in the Mix

Moving from Primary to Secondary school is a big deal for some children. With Six in the Mix, year 6 children can confidently transition into high school by recording their own song to one of our 6 original backing tracks. This is a great team building activity where children can experiment with song writing, singing, rapping and the entire recording process. All songs and the workshop itself are tailored towards building confidence, resilience and enthusiasm for the new journey ahead to instill a positive message.