This is YOUR CHANCE to take part in one of our super cool Magic Mountain Creative videos!  This is all about ‘Roger Wild’s Guide to Saving the Planet’ giving 

your students the opportunity to show the world how to keep our planet healthy and safe! GOOD LUCK and  together let’s help SAVE THE PLANET!

Our planet needs YOU! We are seeking a Staffordshire based school to take part in our song and video. We are aiming to “do our bit to make it better” by raising awareness of how we can all reduce the negative impact of living on our planet!

We welcome footage from ANY school across the globe to feature in the final video too. Please send  video clips that show how you keep your school and community environmentally friendly.

The winning school will receive a visit from us at Magic Mountain Creative and take part in a day of filming and audio recording with our super cool team! We will arrive with all the equipment needed to capture all of the important footage to go into this music video.

To see our Studio Set up

The music video will show your entire school carrying out clean deeds that highlight the good work being done by the children and staff. Singing and performing alongside Roger Wild this will be the perfect way to show the world the many ways that a small change can go a long way!   

Once the song is released into the world, it will then be available to purchase! All of the profits will then be gifted to your school and it is up to you to decide which 

environmental charity you would like to donate it to!



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